The Community of Practice is a learning organization. We hope these resources provide you with a better understanding of the kinds of research we undertake. If you would like to learn more about anything you read in these materials, please contact Milan Maljkovic.

Authors: ILead
Date: August 2016

This short document gives and up-to-date picture of ILead’s multiple research projects. It gives context to different initiatives and highlights the key publications of the ILead research team.

Authors: Doug Reeve, Cindy Rottmann and Robin Sacks Reeve
Date: 2015

This conference paper, which won Best Paper in the Leadership Division of ASEE in 2015, reports on a survey developed to more widely test the three orientations to engineering leadership and show how these orientations across key variables: gender, age, experience, discipline. 

Authors: Cindy Rottmann, Robin Sacks and Doug Reeve
Date: 2014

This landmark journal article lays out a new theoretical model for how engineers lead in unique ways. It presents three distinct orientations to leadership in engineering: technical mastery (insightful problem-solving, analytical and detail-oriented skills), collaborative optimization (exceptional team skills balancing quality work with efficiency and engagement), and organizational innovation (visionary and entrepreneurial thinking).