Welcoming MDA to the Community of Practice


We are excited to introduce MDA Corporation as the newest member of the Community of Practice on Engineering Leadership (CoP). An innovative Canadian aerospace engineering company, MDA is perhaps best known for designing, developing, and building the Canadarm. However, their contributions to aerospace are broad. In their own words:

“MDA develops and delivers advanced surveillance and intelligence solutions, defence and maritime systems, radar geospatial imagery, space robotics, satellite antennas, and communication subsystems. From locations across Canada, MDA’s global reach and heritage serving international markets with innovative and iconic solutions for space and terrestrial applications is unparalleled.” 

Over the past year, we have engaged with two emerging engineering leaders at MDA. We asked them to reflect on their experience with the CoP. Natalie Panek, a member of technical staff for the Mission Systems team, said: 

“Participating in the Community of Practice with ILead has highlighted the important intersection of engineering, leadership, and communication. I see how leadership education for other young engineers is critical for building a sense of community; for creating spaces where everyone can learn, contribute, and grow in a supportive environment. But also how we can use and trust our own experiences and values to refine our personal leadership styles. I am excited to see how ILead evolves the way I approach and contribute to space programs at MDA.”

Peter Wolowski, team lead for the Space Station Remote Manipulator System, sees value in supporting future engineering leaders: 

“I am looking forward to be a part of the ILead Community of Practice, which will help with my professional development as well as that of other MDA employees. What I find interesting is how this program incorporates a unique academic approach to leadership education. The fact that students are involved is an additional strength, as it gives them the opportunity to develop vital skills that will be critical to their success in industry. The upcoming conference on Unpacking Intern’s Workplace Learning is particularly exciting, as I was a part of the PEY program as a student at UofT and would love to share my experiences and hope to contribute to its continued development.”

A warm welcome to MDA. We look forward to working with you to advance our common cause: engineers leading change to build a better world.